a family run business.

Bishopstone Pet Cremation Services are here to offer you professional and caring service at the worst possible time. We offer individual cremation services and return the ashes to you in either a beautiful wooden casket or without for you to scatter.

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Who are we?

We are a family run business who understand what you are feeling during the difficult time of losing a companion. Be it a decision you have been trying to put off for a long time or an unexpected circumstance, we are here to help.

Unfortunately, with the best will in the world our companions will not live forever. When the time comes we will professionally and efficiently provide a caring end for your horse or pony whichever route you choose to take.

There are a range of services available to suit each and every need including individual or communal cremation and economic disposal. Every horse is given the respect and care deserved even after they have passed away.

For Emergency Cases, Please Contact Us

We are available 24/7 365 Days a year to deal with emergencies.

Small & Medium Pet Cremation

Giving your beloved companions the send-off they deserve at the end of their journey with care and dignity.

We offer multiple convenient options to help you during this difficult time:

  • Individual Pet Cremation
  • Ashes for you to scatter
  • Beautiful Wooden Caskets
  • Local Collection available

Often when vets send your pets for cremation they will be sent alongside other pets and clinical waste. We ensure every pet is cremated alone and only your pets ashes are returned to you.

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Equine Cremation

All ashes are returned in a hand made wooden casket with a name plaque and polished shoe, or if you wish to scatter the ashes they are returned in a standard box.

We offer multiple convenient options to help you during this difficult time:

  • Individual Cremation
  • Ashes for you to scatter returned in a wicker basket
  • Beautiful Wooden Caskets with polished horse shoe
  • Collection available
  • Euthanasia available

The procedure of loading is quick and efficient and is done with the greatest possible respect. Once loaded your horse or pony will not be visible during the transportation as our vehicles are fully contained.

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