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Mick Wills

Bishopstone Pet Cremation is a local service based in Daventry. Founded by me (Mick Wills) in 1996 and has now become a family run business. In the last 20 years we have helped thousands of families lay their best friends to rest with dignity and respect.

When the time comes, be it planned or unforeseen circumstances, Bishopstone Pet Cremation is there to make it as easy as possible for you.

From a young age i was surrounded by animals and learnt to appreciate all that they could bring to life. I learnt to ride at the age of 15 and spent many years working in stables attending to the everyday needs of these special creatures.

I have been working in the pet and equine bereavement industry for over 20 years and know the special bond between people and their companions. Having built a bond with my own pets and horses I take great care to ensure that each animal that is with me for their end is treated with the utmost care and respect.

I am an experienced professional, fully licensed to carry out the euthanising of all animals with a humane killer (pistol). My services are included free of charge.

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What Do We Do?

Pet Cremation

Whether your companion is a small rabbit or large horse we will treat it with the care and dignity it deserves. We can provide individual cremation services and return your pets ashes to you.

Equine Cremation

Even the largest animals deserve dignity at the end, the procedure of loading is quick and efficient and is done with the greatest possible respect. Once loaded your horse or pony will not be visible during the transportation as our vehicles are fully contained.

Caskets & Burial Equipment

Caskets are a wonderful way to remember your faithful companion, we can provide beautiful caskets with nameplates for your pet or a polished shoe for your pony or horse. We can provide individual cremations so you know your casket contains only your companion.

Equine Euthanasia

As much as you hate to think about it, sometimes it's
time to make the hard decisions in the best interest of your companion. Horses or ponies are put to rest by lethal injection or humane pistol, collected and taken away for cremation.

Bishopstone Pet Cremation Services is family run by people who understand what you are feeling during the difficult time of losing a companion. Be it a decision you have been trying to put off for a long time or an unexpected circumstance, Grafton Equine Bereavement Services will be here to help.

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Bishopstone, Western Road, Morton Pinkney, Daventry NN11 1SN